Chandigarh ENT Clinic


Treat all and any problem related to ears from irritation to endoscopy.


Treat all and any problem related to nose from septoplasty to nasal endoscopy.


Treat all and any problem related to throat from ulcer to cancer.

Dr. Rishi Raj

With over 20 years of experience in both clinical and surgical practices in the field of ENT, Dr Rishi Raj has served in government as well as private sectors.

Call us: 09814022231 hours: 9am-8pm

What Our CustOmers say

Being a doctor myself I am absolutely impressed with Dr Rishi's professionalism and his expertise. I was suffering from sinusitis and his treatement has helped me breathe easy now.

Dr. Neha Dhingra

Dr Rishi is a very competent doctor and an expert in his field of ENT. His diagnosis and line of treatment are spot on and very effective. He does not believe in unnecessary medication and prescribes mild antibiotics as and when needed.

Aditi Khurana

Dr. Rishi Raj speaking to Doordarshan Chandigarh on health issues and how to be smart about your health.

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